The services we offer fall into two main categories – Market Activation and Business Stimulus.
Through these two suites of services, APN Management is able to meet client needs from Greenfield situations, to specific development projects, to organizations in highly competitive environments needing turnaround strategies and competing for market share.

Market Activation -- looking outwards from the organization, into the marketplace.

Our services cover a wide range of activities including:

  • Gaining access to new markets -- Middle East, South Asia and other international markets on a trading, on-shore or JV basis.

  • Transforming and Energizing market operations -- improve current Market development and sales management efforts, for better results, competitiveness and sustainability.

  • Developing new channels of distribution

  • Merchandising and Visibility management and excellence


Business Stimulus -- looking inwards into the organization, at the marketing, sales and business development functional areas, focusing on strategy, skills, business processes and structure.


The following services are offered as part of the Business Stimulus suite:

  • Business health checks -- Diagnostics of present operations

  • Strategy development -- business and corporate, customer management, channel strategy, brand strategy, Key Account strategies

  • Building Processes for results and competitiveness – changing and re-aligning organizational processes to provide Active Competing, insight and information based decision-making, organizational alignment and Goal focused managerial operations.


Other services

  • Market Management services – oversight of market initiatives, processes and strategy implementation, interim management, out-sourced management of market activation functions

  • Contracts
    § Negotiation services – developing negotiation strategies, commercial terms of reference, legal terms, negotiating on behalf of a client (active role or passive role)
    § Facilitation services -- facilitating a workable arrangement between parties. Developing Heads of Terms, MOUs from commercial context, partner selection and management.

  • Market entry partners – seeking investors, best fit partners, JV partners, distributors, key suppliers and allied/aligned organizations

  • Interim Management --  short term General Management oversight services to ensure business continuity -- transitioning managers, temporary implants, temporary managerial cover due to prolonged absence or sudden departure of employees


Strategy Development
In the area of strategy development, APN has expertise in the entire process -- from Diagnosis to Implementation oversight. Internally developed methodologies in Gap Analysis, Opportunity Mapping, Organizational Alignment and competitive modeling are used to transform market teams and effectively manage growth.
We have successfully used our “4D Strategy Into Action” process to energize and turnaround multiple businesses.