Some of the recent assignments are listed below:

1. FMCG industry, Kazakhstan
The company was a market leader in its category for a long time. Approximate size of business was USD 60 million. In recent times, the company had been losing market share to a new entrant and had moved from a dominant position (42% share) to a no. 2 position (28%). There was no growth for 3 years.

APN Management was tasked in 2010-11, with running a business health check and diagnostics exercise and propose a new competitive strategy for the company to implement. The scope of the solution APN recommended covered a new Market Activation strategy, including channel strategies, Availability and Visibility management, Trade Marketing, Brand and SKU rationalizations, re-branding and packaging design, re-organizing and optimizing distribution and selling infrastructures, improved supply chain, pricing and margin bench-marks, sales force and operating managers incentive programs, setting performance standards.

APN was then called upon to assist the company in implementing the strategy for 2012. At the end of Q3, 2012, the company was well on the way to beating both top line and profit targets and achieving double digit growth after flat results for 3 years.

2. FMCG industry, UAE
The client is a prominent player in the branded packaged foods industry. Operating in a very crowded market with excess installed capacity in the region, all players (including our client) were struggling for margins and profitability. Approximate size of the business was USD 20 million.

The mandate was to double the companyís business in the UAE within 1 year, from a small base of AED 500,000 per month to AED 1 million per month.

APN developed a detailed channel-wise strategy and distributor re-organization plan to actively compete in the market. Innovative consumer and trade activation schemes were developed and managed through APNís implants into the client and distributor organizations.

The business achieved 70% growth within 8 months, reached AED 1.2 million per month within 18 months and this business model took the business to AED 2.0 million per month in 24 months. The price and margin realization per kilo of product were the highest for the company in this market.

3. Negotiated settlements of commercial contracts, Middle East region
Abhay Nadkarni has personally led the negotiations with Principals, in the settlement of contracts (out of court)where the business levels were $ 450 million and $ 40 million respectively, with significant and favorable awards to the clients.

Abhay has also acted on behalf of a multi-national Principal to settle (out of court) distribution arrangements in 3 countries without payment of compensation for separation.

4. Set up of JV operations -- Middle East region
APN is currently helping a USA based company in setting up its business delivery infrastructure in the Middle East, including partner and distributor selection, contracts facilitation, route-to-market, business model, entry strategy, partner liaison, company set-up up to commencement of operations

5. Market Activation
APN is currently assisting a UK based company in the industrial sector to develop the Middle East market with business and customer development.